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To sign up you need to fill out this form. We will send your unique API key to your e-mail address. Your account is by default a free account. If you need more power or more features you can upgrade to a premium account at any time.

Free Premium
No advertisements yes yes
No watermarks on thumbnails yes yes
Captures any domain yes yes
High resolution yes yes
Easy API yes yes
Free API-key yes yes
HTTP-GET interface yes yes
HTTP-POST interface yes yes
SOAP interface WSDL yes yes
http:// websites yes yes
https:// websites yes yes
Maximum screen size 1280 x 720 1280 x 720
Capture full page no yes
Capture mobile views no yes
Dedicated hardware pool no yes
Change browser window size no yes
Request a refresh of cached screenshot no yes
Monthly fee $ 0.00 $ 49.50
Requests per month 1,000 2,500,000
Threads 1 5
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Freemium offers the basic screenshot / thumbnail service for free. If you require more than 1,000 snapshots per month you can upgrade to a Premium account which offers multiple screen resolutions, full page screen shots and a limit of 2,500,000 thumbnails per month. If you need more let us know and we will be happy to think of a solution (i.e.: more hardware).

The Premium users have access to faster and more servers to generate the thumbnails. Free users are using a limited set of hardware. If you want to support us but do not need a Premium account, we take donations to our bitcoin account here.

Unlimited Power?

Do you need dedicated resources? We can set up a dedicated server for your requests only, starting at $199 / month. Please contact us for more details.