If you have a question about our API, services or other projects we are working on feel free to drop us a line. Below you find the most frequently asked questions with answers.

Can I link directly to images on your servers?

No. Please download the image using any of the available API interfaces and store the image locally on your server. You can later fetch the same screenshot again to get an update for your local cache of course.

Can I create website screenshots using PHP?

Yes. We offer multiple interfaces which are compatible with PHP. Please check our create screenshot from website php tutorial to get you started. Feel free to copy and reuse the script.

How many screenshots have you created sofar?


Can I see some screenshots before I sign up?

Of course. We have create a Alexa top 500 page with screenshots of the most popular websites around the world.

You can also create a screenshot of your own website.

I can't find page blabla?

Take a look at our sitemap. You - and Google - can find all pages on this website there.

What is your uptime?

We try to serve requests 100% on a best effort base.

We use an uptime monitoring service and the average for the last 30 days is 100%.

How about IDN (International Domain Names)?

We offer full support for IDN domain names. You can try it out here.

I can't code. But I need a screenshot!

Our API is very easy to use.
But if you need a couple of screenshots you can visit our create a screenshot page. Just enter the URL, width and some additional options and a screenshot will be generated for you immediately.

Who do I contact if I need more information?

Please use the email address on our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.