New API parameter: delay

Published: Friday, October 2nd 2015.

Everytime a server is creating a screenshot or thumbnail for you, the HTML of the website is loaded, the javascript is loaded, the images are loaded and then we sit and wait for exactly 1 second to let everything pan out. This used to work for almost all sites but lately we have seen more and more sites loading the main images and content AFTER the HTML has been loaded. A one second delay is not enough anymore.

To solve this issue we have made two changes:

ONE: The default delay is set to 2.5 seconds. This means every render job will take 1.5 second longer than you were used to. We have added 3 additional servers to the hardware pool to handle the extra load. We will closely monitor the performance.

TWO: For all users, free and premium accounts, we have added the delay API parameter. You can specify the delay you want in millisecond. More information can be found on our documentation page.

Feedback, as always, is highly appreciated!

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