SOAP error fixed

Published: Friday, September 4th 2015.

User Simone Abbati (a.k.a. abbakus) found a blocking error in the WSDL file. Strict WSDL parsed would not accept the WSDL file because the boolean input parameters were identified with type xsd:bool. We have changed it to xsd:boolean and all WSDL parsers we could find accepted this version. The PHP SoapClient of course did not care about xsd:bool or xsd:boolean. It would probably have accepted anything xsd:duh too. The Visual Studio IDE also did not complain when importing WSDL with invalid types. But SoapUI and Java complain about the bool type.

If you are using our SOAP interface no action is required you might want to reload the WSDL file in your IDE. If you tried the SOAP interface and could not get it to work this was probably the reason why.

If you are using a different interface (HTTP-GET, HTTP-POST) your application was not affected by this bug.

Thanks again Abbakus for your bug report and solution!

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